3 Signs You Have An Unexplainable Connection With Someone

If you’ve ever had an unexplainable connection with someone, you can probably relate to most of the signs listed below. These connections are unnatural and have no logical explanation. In fact, they grow stronger with time, even if you’re far apart. The reason for this phenomenon is that it involves a spiritual connection. While you may feel that the connection is more than just physical, the following 18 signs may help you determine whether you have an unexplainable connection with a person.

Unexplainable connections are not logical

Unexplainable connections are unbreakable, even if they are not logical. These connections are based on something that is deeper than the individual’s logical mind. It could be a deep energetic connection, telepathy, or a coincidence. Whatever the cause, such a connection will always have a place in your heart and won’t let you forget it. Here are some common examples of unexplainable connections.


The average human encounters 10,000 people in their lifetime. However, unexplainable connections occur between a few people. These connections may be romantic in nature, or may be based on a soul contract or karmic relationship. Whatever the cause, being with a soulmate is one of the most extraordinary experiences in a human’s life. The first experience of being with your soulmate is an unexplainable connection.

They last forever

If you have an unexplainable connection with a person, it may be because you have felt a strong urge to spend more time with them than you normally would. Perhaps they are the most interesting person in the world, and you spend more time together than usual. Whatever the reason, there are certain signs you have an unexplainable connection with someone. These signals are not a reason to lose hope; instead, they serve as a reminder that you should enjoy yourself and value the relationship you have.

  • Spiritual connection: A spiritual connection is an intense and unexplainable bond between two people. It’s often manifested as a soulmate psychic connection. When a person has this connection, it’s almost as if they are predestined to be together. The connection might be in the form of a mystical feeling, a sense of protection, or even a sense of magic when meeting the person.
  • Mutual respect: Mutual respect is a critical attribute of an unexplainable connection. Unlike physical attraction, the energy between two people is much deeper than the physical. This type of connection touches on energetic levels, making both parties feel comfortable discussing their innermost feelings and problems. It’s the ultimate form of emotional intimacy and allows couples to share everything with each other. The feelings of a romantic connection are both exciting and deeply meaningful.
  • Soulmate: This is a special connection between two people who share similar life experiences. These people have similar personalities, but they are different. This connection can be either platonic or telepathic. Whatever the case, these people will always have a special place in your heart and won’t let you forget them. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it may be a sign that you’re connected to a soulmate.
  • Unexplainable connections are not easily broken. They will endure despite distance and will be a constant reminder of your connection to them. When you see a special connection with someone, you’ll find yourself wanting to know everything about them. You might feel that you’ve known them for a lifetime. If this is true, the connection will be there even after you’ve parted.
  • As long as you are friends and have a genuine connection with each other, you’re likely to have an unexplainable connection with that person. This kind of connection is the foundation for any relationship. Many rom-coms feature BFFs who fall madly in love. If you have a good relationship with your SO, you’ll feel safe and at home around them. Initially, you might experience some nervousness or butterflies. Once you’ve got to know each other, however, it will feel completely natural.


They are not logical

The first sign that you may have an unexplainable connection with someone is their absence from your life. These relationships can run on a much deeper level than usual. You may have the tendency to think about them when they are not around, or you might experience odd coincidences that seem out of character. These signs indicate that you’re beginning to have feelings for this person. Read on for more information.

Almost instantly, you two form an unexplainable connection. It’s hard to explain why, but it happens. You begin to feel a special connection, one that has no other explanation. This connection is often shaped by a mutual understanding and respect. It can even shape you, although at first you may not notice the change. As you grow closer to your soulmate, you’ll also notice that certain things about yourself change.